Q. How many hours are included?

A.  6 (customization can be arranged)

Q. How many pictures?

A. We edit a minimum of 400 (For 8 Hours of Coverage)

Q. How many proofs will we see?  In what format?

A. Day after gallery of minimum 10 pictures.  Two weeks after your wedding a private album will be created for viewing.  Pictures are sent via USB usually about 8-10 weeks after your event.

Q. How many albums are included?

A. 1 Album is included.  More can be purchased or re-ordered for $50 per album.

Q. Do we "own" the photos you post online?

A. No, online proofs via social media will have a watermark.  No photos provided may be altered in anyway without written consent.

Q. Do the photos come on a disk or USB?

A.  Either is available.  Extra copies are also available for $10 for CD's and $30 for USB.

Q. Do we use lighting equipment?  

A.  Yes, both photographers have speed lights to help with lighting of the photos.

Q. Do you have backup equipment?

A. With 2 photographers, we are each other's backup. 

Q. Are you willing to visit our site before the wedding day to scout shot locations?

A. I am available for the rehearsal for an added fee. I can scout locations at that time if the wedding is in a location I am unfamiliar with.

Q. Will you take shots of us getting ready?

A. Yes, we are available for getting ready shots.  This is included in our 8 hours of coverage.

Q. How long should formal pictures take?

A. We need 1.5 hours for formal pictures total if taking at the same location.  If offsite location for the couple is required, we will need to add time for travel.

Q. Will you work off a prepared shot list?

A. We can try to include all custom request, but will need a list at minimum 1 week prior to the wedding.  While we try to meet any and all requirements, not all photos may be attainable due to location/weather/etc.

Q. Are black & white photos an option?

A. Yes.  Our editing involves color, black and white, and sepia (cream-tone).

Q. How long after the wedding until we can see the proofs?

A. There will be a a 10 picture preview the day after the wedding.  Online gallery of edited pictures will be available 2 weeks after the wedding.  USB/Disks will be mailed in week 3 after the wedding.

Q. Do you require meals?

A. We will purchase our own breakfast and lunch for local weddings.  If a reception meal is provided, we will also participate in that while other guests are eating.

Q. What is your travel fee?

A. $0.54 per mile plus lodging if necessary.

Q. When is the deposit & balance due?

A. $100 is due at the time of booking.  Half deposit (less $100 booking fee) is due 6 months prior to the wedding.  This fee is non-refundable.  Balance is due no later than the day of the wedding.  No photos will be provided online if this fee is not attained.

Q. What is your cancellation policy?

A. $100 booking fee is non-refundable.  The half deposit is non-refundable if less than 6 months prior to the wedding.

Q. Is an engagement photo session included?

A. No.  Engagement photo sessions can be purchased at an extra cost of the session.

Q. Can pets be included in the photos?

A.  Absolutely!